I can save you money

Take back control at the pumps - Beat sky-high fuel prices.

Would you swap $24 for 120, or 60 for 360 or 160 for $1200?

If you're frustrated, fed up, mad and blaming the government or Putin or the oil companies for fuel prices, chill out, calm down and take back control at the pumps.

I have a solution to the madness at Gaswinner.Click ... save $20/per tab ... Watch the short clip below

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Xcelerate Fuel Tab - Gaswinner

Go Further For Less

Keep Your Engine Younger

Take Back Control @ the Gas Pump

Swell Your Bank Account

Put Money back Into Your Pocket

The Only Patented Fuel Tab

EPA Registered

100% Safe for you car truck boat or yard equipment

100% Active - no fillers

35 Years of Research


1. What is Gaswinner Xcelerate & How Does it Work?

10 min. video

Xcelerate fuel tabs are designed to help you save money on your fuel costs. Each tab contains a blend of ingredients that work together to help you burn fuel more efficiently and achieve a higher fuel economy. The ingredients in Xcelerate fuel tabs help you burn more energy in the engine and save you money on your fuel.

Save on fuel, save on gasoline/petrol, save on diesel.

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2. Xcelerate Pay Plan Show Me the Money?

12 min. video

I'm gonna put money back in your pocket! Join free, make fast start bonus by sharing with someone to use the product. Use this vitamin G pill and put money back in your jeans pocket.

Fairest, Easiest Plan to Earn an Income for Everyone, Including the Opportunity to Earn Infinite Levels Deep. Take a Look & Welcome Aboard.

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3. How Do I Join & Order?

6 min. video

Walks you through the whole process. It couldn't be any simpler, And doesn't cost you to join and buy at wholesale prices (US$ shown) Costs about $6 CDN Per Tablet Shipped (3 Pack). Save even more when buying a 10 Pack.

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4. Tech Talk with the CEO. I Want to Know What Goes in My Vehicle Tank?

31 min. video

The Original. Over 4 Billion gallons treated, No claims, No warranty issues. 100% Safe. 100% biodegradable. EPA registered. OEM Compliant. Patented worldwide. It is a solid fuel catalyst with 100% active ingredients, not an additive with detergents and fillers. 100% Safe. This is the real deal!

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5. Is There a ZOOM Recorded Full Presentation?

35 min. video

It Just Makes Sense. Going Further For less. More Miles for Less Gallons Used. More Kilometers per Liters Used. More Distance for less Money out of Pockets. Increase Fuel Efficiency. Lower Emissions. Increase Power. Clean Engine. Save on Fuel and Maintenance. Each tablet treats 75 Liters/20 Gallons of Fuel. It Just Makes Sense.

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6. I want to meet the Manufacturer of this 35 Year old Technology Fuel Catalyst Company

19 min. video

The Only Patented Fuel Tab. EPA Registered. 100% Safe. 100% Active. Patented Worldwide. 35 Years of Research. 6 Xcelerate Fuel Tabs per Pack. The Original Solid Fuel Catalyst.

All other "fuel tabs" on the market contain only 2 simple ingredients. Ferrocene and 1,2,4,5 Tetramethylbenzene. It's the cheap formula (even Walmart fleet uses Xcelerate) for fuel tabs that imitators have been making for 20 years. Costs about 4 cents a tab to make and provides minimal results in the fuel system.

Experience Best Results with Gaswinner & Xcelerate!

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7. Testimonials from Real Everyday Drivers

10 min. video. Hundreds more in our FB group.

It Just Makes Sense. Testimonials of everyday drivers from high end SUV Porsche Cayenne to Freightliner, Highway Haulers, 2500 Dodge Pickups, Denali Yukon, passenger cars, Dave's Chrysler van, and more are pouring in. All of them reporting - Going Further For less. More Miles for Less Fuel Used. More Kilometers per Liters Used. More Miles for less Money out of their Pockets. It Just Makes Sense. Experience Best Results with Gaswinner & Xcelerate!

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